Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fingernail Click Vanish

Many of you are probably familiar with the Click Pass (aka the Click Vanish) where two or more coins disappear in a very convincing manner. Convincing because the spectators actually hear the coins arriving in your hand immediately before they disappear. Of course, two or more coins are needed to create the clinking sound for this type of vanish.

But what if you could toss a single coin (or other object) into your hand and your spectators heard it slapping against your hand when it arrived? Well now you can, because I'm going to teach you my Fingernail Click Vanish!

The sound is created by the object striking the back of your finger nails. It's really great for larger objects (such as a cigarette lighter or chap stick) because your audience will hear the "heavy" object being tossed into your hand. This video shows several different objects vanishing, followed by a rear view so that you can see the mechanics of the vanish.

Another nice feature of this vanish is that your hand remains flat when you display and toss the object. After it makes contact with your nails, they push it into your fingers so that you can curl them around the object at the last moment.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Knock Your Socks Off

More than a decade ago Jonathan Pendragon created one of my favorite card tricks. He called it "The World's Greatest Feet Of Magic."

EFFECT: A card is freely selected and shuffled into the deck. Suddenly the Magician springs the cards into the air, kicks up his foot, and catches the chosen card in mid-air between his toes!

I have amazed close-up audiences with this for many years. Spectators are shocked and thrilled when I catch their card between my toes. But eventually someone will ask the inevitable question, "When did you take your sock and shoe off?"

Usually I replied, "It must have been when you weren't looking." or some other snide remark. One time I blurted, "They must have flown off." As soon as those words parted my lips, bells went off in my head. Why not have my shoe and sock "fly off" when I catch the card?

It doesn't get much crazier than to have cards fly through the air, catch the chosen card between your toes, and end up with your sock and shoe on the dinner table!

The video shows the ending of the effect with the sock and shoe toss repeated in slow motion. It does not show how the chosen card is controlled, palmed out, and placed between the toes. For those details along with Johathan's original presentation I recommend that you purchase Magic of the Pendragons #3 to learn "The World's Greatest Feet Of Magic" along with other effects by the Pendragons.

My "Knock Your Socks Off" version of the effect should be performed while seated. Before the card is selected prepare by removing your shoe and sock and putting them in your lap.

Later under cover of springing the deck into the air take them from your lap, toss them onto the table, and in the same continuous motion point to the card between your toes.

Sit back and savor the moment when the dust settles and everyone realizes that not only did you catch the card between your toes, but your shoe and sock flew off and landed on the table!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sleeve Production

This is a great way to magically “produce” coins and other small objects from your shirt or coat sleeve.

I got the idea in my early twenties from doing coin vanishes. The spectators were always amazed by the vanish, but after a couple of seconds would become suspicious of my other hand. I realized that if I produced the coin soon after the vanish, they wouldn’t have time to think about it.

Hence the creation of Sleeve Production. And as an extra "bonus" I discovered that people were fascinated by the coin coming out of my sleeve. For one thing they had no idea how it got there, and for another thing they were conditioned to think that magicians often hide things up their sleeves, which is very mysterious and impressive to them.

As you can see, it works in conjunction with any coin vanish. If you also want to learn my favorite finger palm coin vanish and multiple coin vanish, I teach them in this modestly priced download.

See you next post!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome to my new blog site!

Some of you know me as a magic inventor, manufacturer, and proprietor of John Kennedy Magic.

Because I've been involved in close-up magic for decades I have experienced numerous magic tricks, handlings, and escapades. If my blog gets positive feedback I will post new articles regularly, sharing my thoughts and ideas with magic enthusiasts just like you!

Feel free to comment, as this will help me create content that will capture your interest. I look forward to the adventure, so stay tuned for my next post!


John Kennedy